Fire Records Showcase @ Danger Danger Gallery

Surf City, Snowblink, and Bardo Pond @ Danger Danger Gallery 4/8/11 Fire Records Showcase

Surf City 

is a band from New Zealand and so everything they said was funny. They were pretty good and rocked out, but also seemed sort of stiff and awkward. To be honest, nothing really stood out song wise. I’m doing this review a few weeks later and I can’t remember them. I’m on their myspace listening now, it’s just like a lot of chill punk sounding stuff coming out now. They like Tame Impala, so if you like those guys you might like them. Actually “Dickshakers Union” sounds like an animal collective song I once heard. One guy had a mountain dew hat.


is a duo. The lead vocalist plays a guitar with antler ears, which sounds corny but somehow wasn’t. Her voice is clear as a bell, often joined by the other guitar player. An interesting feature of their folksy set was that some members of the audience shook tiny hand-bells at a cue from the performers- a nice accompaniment that reminded me of Christmas. I normally don’t go for that type of music but her voice is unique and the two of them had good stage presence, they even had little lanterns all over. Really sweet and warm. Wouldn’t listen to them all the time but definately enjoyed the experience. You can listen at their website.

Bardo Pond

is a band from Philly that’s been around a long time. They are incredibly special. I’ve tried listening to them before, and for some reason I could never get into them, which is odd because I like that style of music- psychedelic rock. But they are so much more than that, and now I am aware of how great their music is. I was overwhelmed with how perfect and beautiful all the instruments came together. In fact the two guitar tones created like this whole other sound, I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from at first. And the vocals just float right in, also the vocalist plays the flute. I swear time stopped when they came on the stage.

There are songs and videos on their website, I highly recommend checking them out anytime they play though. And buy the records.


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