Grass Widow @ Danger Danger Gallery

Grass Widow, Reading Rainbow, Broken Water, and Acid Kicks at the Danger Danger Gallery on 4/25/11.

Acid Kicks 

So these guys have 3 bassists and a drummer. The drummer and one of the bass players sing, said dude also plays trumpet. Their music is so goddamn good. Their drummer is great, and the way those basses work together  sent my head off to another world. When the vocals come in they are completely indecipherable, it was like an alien was talking to me. The drummer repeated his lines but I feel like the other guy was making words up. At one point he took his shirt off  and began playing a trumpet. They knew what they were doing, that was noise psych rock like i’ve always wanted to hear live. It reminded me kind of terminal cheesecake mixed with distorted pony or the cows( sound wise not lyrically.) Anyway if they’re playing around Philly you should definitely check them out, I think a record is in the works, you can hear some stuff on their myspace.

Broken Water

It’s such a bummer when the DDG has shows in the basement. Unless you’re right up front you can’t see shit. They were also talking to the audience without a mic, cause of the effects they had. So they have a drummer, bassist, and guitar going on. I think the drummer sings, I couldn’t really tell. She didn’t have the greatest attitude. Everyone was banging their heads around like Nirvana was playing, I didn’t get that. What it sounded to me was like they’d start out a song normal and then it would break into some doom metal sound, but not for too long, then it’d go back to normal. Not very upbeat stuff really. They have a bunch of released and a ton of raving reviews on them. Wouldn’t care to see them again.

Grass Widow

They’re a 3 piece girl group with a punky/surfy sound. You can tell they practice a lot, because they wanted everything specific on stage, like vocal adjustments when no one cared. They were fun and cute and got people moving. Everyone on stage sang and the harmonies were nice but I had no idea what they were saying. Very basic and minimal sound, nothing too complex. If you like the Kill Rock Stars label you’d be into them. They have a bunch of stuff out, catch them on tour.

Reading Rainbow

They’re a two piece from Philly. Girl on floor tom w cymbals, singing, boy on guitar and singing. They were in the basement too but I could see them, very cute together, smiling, etc. They sang together beautifully and had a ton of energy, but I found the songs to be repetitive. In a way I felt I was at a church revival. They have some stuff out on HoZac so if you like that kind of shit, you’d like them. Not much else to say about them, see them if you can.


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