Teenage Panzerkorps aka Der TPK

i’m pretty into this band but only recently saw this video. totally bizarre but I was pleased because i was hoping it’d be like that. dude’s a fox. i really want to see them live but don’t live on the west coast, where they’re playing a few shows this summer. the descriptions i’ve read of […]

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Jooklo Duo @ The Rotunda

Jooklo Duo at The Rotunda 5/19/11. Jooklo Duo are a sax and drum team from Italy. They play free jazz and are LOUD. I walked in out of the rain and met the two at the door actually. The sax player is female, short, long hair, the drummer is very tall with beard and long […]

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Welcome to robotic review. This site will be about concerts/shows I have attended, albums I’ve listened to, galleries, and other events of a similar sort. Thanks for stopping by and if you like what you read come back again, bookmark, or do one of those add or like things.

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